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Customized Project, where you are the protagonist of your education, with a teaching adapted to your pace

To meet individual differences, Colégio IBPI offers the Personalized Project, with several alternatives adapted to the student's pace.


An individual study plan will be developed, with a predominance of hybrid personalized teaching with face-to-face, remote synchronous and asynchronous classes.

The curriculum will be tailored to the student's needs and interests, and flexibly organized to include Bilingual Program, High School, Mentoring, Tutoring, Remote Activities, Exchange Adaptation, and Dependency Project or Reclassification.

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Dependencia e reclassificacao

Dependency and Reclassification

Special recovery program to be followed in parallel with the current grade/stage. After an evaluation interview, a study plan is prepared according to the requirements of each course.

Elective disciplines

To deepen knowledge or explore new themes, study workshops and elective disciplines are offered with programs developed based on the expectations of the participants and their career goals.

Customized Project

Option for students who do not have time to attend regular classes. Classes are organized with flexible schedules, including activities via IBPI online.

projeto personalizado

Student Exchange Adaptation

Upon returning from an exchange, students participate in a personalized program to adapt to the grade in which they are classified.


Students with learning difficulties or lag in content from previous years can participate in tutoring classes offered in person or remotely throughout the school year.

Extra classes

Students can participate in extra classes to review certain curricular components.

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