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Aluno que usa computador portátil

Learning beyond borders:
Middle School
Bilingual Program
expanding horizons

Middle Education at Colégio IBPI uses innovative technology and methods, seeking to awaken in students an interest in knowledge and encourage them to study daily. Our proposal is to train responsible citizens who are aware of their role in society.

Colégio IBPI's bilingual program is taught in partnership with IBEU, and classes provide students with comprehensive training with effective teaching. Up to 50% of classes are taught in English, providing students with fluency in the language.

Classes are taught in rooms with digital infrastructure and different projects are developed, such as robotics classes, making teaching dynamic and enjoyable.

The pedagogical objectives associate theory with practice, encouraging creativity, stimulating the construction of knowledge, creating study and discipline habits, developing individual responsibility and solidary coexistence.

9th grade students can take the IBEU HIGH SCHOOL in-depth course.

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