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Fachada Colégio IBPI

Principal's Word

Colégio IBPI's philosophy is to train enterprising citizens who are solidary and committed to the common good. Dedication and attention to each student transform the relationship with study into a much more engaging experience. Colégio IBPI's educational model values open dialogue, through flexible and participatory education, without giving up solid training, characterized by linguistic competence; logical reasoning and technological mastery, thus valuing ethics and citizenship.

Our pedagogical proposal is based on collaborative education, which encourages the participation of students and teachers in the educational process, building a bond of trust and generating an atmosphere in which discussions improve critical thinking. We seek quality training through personalized service, respecting the differences of each student and allowing the formation of citizens able to face the challenges of a globalized world. 

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Professor Lucia Dieguez

Grupos de Estudo - colegioibpi

The IBPI College

Colégio IBPI has modern facilities equipped with constantly updated technological resources as teaching tools. All rooms are multimedia, with internet access, digital whiteboard, computers and tablets creating a more attractive and interactive study environment. State-of-the-art software, digital books, specific materials for robotics classes and a web platform make classes more attractive and dynamic.
The entire school is monitored by closed-circuit TV to monitor school activities, ensuring more safety for students and peace of mind for parents.​

customer testimonials

"When we have problems, that's when we see how far goodwill, knowledge of causes and willingness to help go, and at this respect I warmly thank you for everything I received at this school".

Paulo Renha, father of a former student

Parceria Positivo
Parceria IBEU

Partnerships . Agreements . Technologies .

Positivo Teaching System

Colégio IBPI is a school affiliated with the Positivo Teaching System. Through the Portal, the student has greater freedom to think and build knowledge, enjoying a vast study and research tool.

Portal Positivo provides exclusive content: video lessons, test bank, simulators, multimedia content, atlas, professional guidance, image bank, school research tools, virtual library with complete classic works for download, video clips, among others.

IBEU - Brazil and United States Institute

Google for Education

Colégio IBPI adopts Google Workspace for Education. This allows teachers and students to easily, securely and flexibly create, share and collaborate on projects, activities, lessons and assessments.

START Education

Colégio IBPI, in partnership with INICIE Educação, provides students with a hybrid education solution through digital platforms.

The solutions made available by the partnership help Colégio IBPI to implement a continuing education program for the teaching team connected to the digital world, in addition to allowing the use of flexible content suitable for the hybrid education process.

Parceria Google
Parceria Inicie

IBPI family


Google Educator Certification

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