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Adolescentes felizes

Colégio IBPI: Transforming lives, building futures

Ana Krschewsky

When I placed my son at the IBPI, I had no idea that he would be treated with so much care and respect by the management, teachers and staff. The didactic material is of great quality and the teachers really manage to teach in a personalized way. I found the right school that met all my expectations.
Veronica Madeira

Family environment, fully prepared to meet the particular needs of each student! Thank you for the training you gave me!
Juliana Rey

I just loved it. You teach us to be more aware and humane people. Best college I've ever attended.
Victory Ambrosio

My son Paulo Ricardo studied at the IBPI for 3 and a half years and it is very important for me to spread the word about how positive the IBPI has been for us. When we have problems, that's when we see how far goodwill, knowledge of causes and willingness to help go, and in this respect I warmly thank you for everything I received at this school, to whom I congratulate the whole team, especially Lucia, Ana, Vitória and Milton who gave us all this in addition to a lot of attention and affection. Here is my biggest THANK YOU.
Paulo Renha

We moved from Espírito Santo to Rio at the beginning of the year and enrolled our daughter in the IBPI, and I have nothing but praise. From the first day, we felt welcomed by everyone at the school and as the days went by, we were sure that Sarah is in the best educational establishment, in the right place. Sarah has a differentiated treatment, as she has hydrocephalus and uses a wheelchair. She has all the support and affection from the teachers who are very cultured, dear and qualified. Principal Lúcia, who is very competent and generous, follows Sarah's development very closely and is always putting the family in direct contact with the school. Lúcia is more than just a Principal, she is a friend to students and parents. Sarah loves her school and I am very happy to see her inserted, adapted and so well received by everyone! Thank you IBPI family. 
Carla Secchin

I can only thank Colégio IBPI for the work done with my son. He studied at several schools, but insists on saying that IBPI was the best of all. Today, he is in college and is fulfilled with what he does! Many thanks to the IBPI team!
Claudia Labanca

I would like to go on record on this page that in addition to the school having a very good teaching method, it also has professionals from the management to the administrative part who are very attentive in every way, making you feel like you are in your own family. My daughter and I are very satisfied with Colégio IBPI. Wonderful professionals!!!
Margareth Santiago

It was a pleasure to see you again, and to remember the time when I studied at the IBPI, I really miss those times, everything was wonderful. All the teachers were super qualified and friends, notto mention the direction. Thank you very much for everything. Now I'm following my journey outside the country, and God willing I'll be back in a while to celebrate all together.
Phil Claussen

I would like to thank all the staff at Colégio IBPI for all their dedication and attention to our son over the past two years. We are eternally grateful for all the help they gave us in this process of training students and human beings.
Carlos Eduardo Santoro

At IBPI, we think the affection that the pedagogical director has with the students is very good. My husband and I are very grateful for this tactfulness and guidance. The school takes great care of individual students, getting to know each one, always in touch in case of need. If it weren't for IBPI and Professor Lúcia, my son wouldn't be cared for as he is today, the care provided by the school was fundamental for his growth and evolution.  We are very grateful.
Sisi Campos

For me it was a surprise to find this school that deviates from large schools. On the recommendation of a friend, I did the interview and we were called to a meeting to understand the methodology, the school's process. Throughout the school year, we are called upon to monitor the results of my son, who wants to learn here at IBPI. He is interest in the lessons and we are very happy about that. I believe that because it is a welcoming school and has this strong contact with parents, teachers and students, it makes all the difference. We see that he is maturing and brings us enormous happiness.
Rosana Sicoli

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