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New High School IBPI:
Transforming students into global citizens.

The New High School at Colégio IBPI is based on curriculum diversification and flexibility, and on articulation with professional education. In addition to ensuring comprehensive training, the curriculum focuses on the development of social and emotional skills.


The main curricular change is the organization in two parts: General Basic Training (FGB) and Training Itineraries (IF).

The FGB - Basic General Training consists of developing the skills and abilities provided for in the BNCC - National Common Curricular Base. It is part of the curriculum common to all students in Brazil, regardless of the school you are enrolled in.

The IF – Training Itineraries are based on the role of the student and his life project. The central idea is to go deeper into themes that dialogue with the career that the student intends to follow at the end of high school.


Basic General Training








+ in 1,200 


+ 1,000 hours per year

+ in 3,000


IF - Training Itinerary

The Training Itineraries are composed of an Integrated Nucleus, Electives and Deepening Paths.

The Integrated Nucleus includes Life Project, Text Production and IBEU Bilingual Program.

The Electives are courses with semester modules with content that complements the student's training.

Students can choose from three Deepening Paths options.

FGB - Basic General Training

Classes in the following areas of knowledge: Languages and their Technologies, Applied Human and Social Sciences, Mathematics and their Technologies, and Natural Sciences and their Technologies.

University student


Deepening Path in the areas of knowledge of Languages and their Technologies, and Applied Human and Social Sciences

Math and Science+

Deepening path in the knowledge areas of Mathematics and its Technologies, and Natural Sciences and its Technologies.

High School

Dual Program US High School IBEU certification trail: Immersion program in the North American academic universe.

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