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Dual Program US High School IBEU: where excellence meets globalization

The partnership between the IBPI and the IBEU allows the student to obtain double certification, that is, in addition to the high school completion diploma awarded by the IBPI College, the student receives a High School diploma, the same as found in schools in the United States. 


This diploma facilitates access to American universities, offering a great professional and academic differential for life.


In addition to intensifying fluency in English, students have the opportunity to expand their cultural repertoire and general knowledge.

Who can attend High School

Students who attend the 9th grade of Middle School or 1st grade of High School, who already have an intermediate or advanced level, to keep up with the classes and the pace of the group. 

Students with basic English can take preparatory semesters.

What does the student learn?

The program includes varied disciplines on the history and culture of the United States, and students live a true immersion in the North American academic universe.

They also improve their oratory, exercise their ability to express themselves and even take assessments in the SAT format (Scholastic Aptitude Test), an international exam widely used for admission to US universities.

The student learns a new way of studying, which can be applied in other phases of his life. With dynamics employed in each of the classes, the interaction between students and teachers is much greater.

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Super Food Health


Concepts of nutrition, well-being and quality of life.

US History

A country full of heroes and incredible stories to tell.

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Fine Arts

Art and culture seen as a tool for transformation.

digital social media


The digital world and the insertion of young people in the technology age.

french literature

British & American Literature

The classics of the great writers of the English language.

USA flag

US Government

The politics of one of the wealthiest and most influential nations in the world.

Exclusive Differentials

Community service:Students undertake community work as an integral part of the curriculum.

Free guidance for studying in the US: Students have free access to the guidance service for studying in the USA, offered by the Education USA Office of the IBEU.

Field Trips: Through Field Trips, the IBEU partnership offers complementary educational visits to the studied credit and international exchange to study program credits.

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